Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Tuesday Q&A, in spite of my answers being ever-changing (it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind)

1. Five favorite films: Virgin Suicides, My neighbour Totoro, Amelie, Persepolis, Fight Club.
2. Five favourite TV-series: My so called life, Freaks and Geeks, Girls (!!!), Game of Thrones (it filled some of the void the LOTR-films left in my heart, click for season 3 sneak peak!) and New Girl.
3. Five favourite celebrities: Stephen Fry, Jennifer Lawrence, Caitlin Moran, Nigella Lawson and David Attenborough. I just want to sit down for a pint with all of these people. Jennifer Lawrence is quite a recent addition but I can't help but love her when I read things like this.
4: Five favourite drinks: Italian red wine, G&T, strong coffee, bloody marys and Strongbow cider.
5: Five favourite foods: Pistachio nuts (salted, in salads, ice cream, even the colour!), Grilled corn on the cob, mozzarella cheese, chorizo sausage, Chinese dumplings.
6. Five favourite blogs: Niotillfem, Annaritar, TheBloggess, ANIMALS TALKING IN ALL CAPS and Thesadbox (cause, you know, we've gone through heartbreak together without even knowing each other).
7. Five favourite colours: Cornflower blue, black, emerald green, bright poppy red, and (just to mix it up a little) dust pink.
8. Five favourite musicians/bands: David Bowie (forever and ever in my heart. I cried a little when he released his comeback single), The Crookes, Smokey Robinson & The Miracles, Jeff Buckley and Florence and the Machine. But this lists changes daily. Or hourly, depinding on my mood.
9: Five dream holiday locations: Kyoto (Japan), Paris (France), Kaikoura (New Zealand), New York (U.S.A) and Santiago (Chile).
10: The five best things about you: I'm good at expressing myself in words and writing, I remember tiny details about people like how they take their coffee or how they met their partner, I'm generally caring and kind, I can organize anything and a roast a mean chicken.
11. And the five worst: I overthink things, I sometimes allow my past insecuries to affect how I'm feeling, I always forget to recycle, I never go to the dentist and I hate to "bother" people. Sometimes you fucking HAVE TO bother people, no matter how well-behaved and polite you are.
12: Your five favourite things to do: Take long walks in new cities, spend hours in good coffee shops or bars with my friends, cuddle cats, drink loads of coffee then and writewritewrite and spend hungover Sundays in bed with someone worth spending time with.
13: And your five least favourite things to do: Check my bank balance, go to the dentist (which is why hardly ever go), laundry, play cards, staying polite to drunk twats (which is why I stopped working as a barmaid).
14: Five pet hates: Parents who use empty threats and never ever follow through when their kids are acting up in public (Right, I don't have kids so maybe I'm not entitled to an opinion but I know how I was raised and if I had EVER dared to behave in ways I've seen some kids behave my parents would have swooped me up and taken me away in an instant), bad translations, Alicia Keys (I don't know why but she gives me irrational rage), the term "lol", people who don't allow me to get off the bus/train before they try to get on.
15: Five whishes for the future: To be happy, to be happy, to be happy, to be happy, to be happy.

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  1. Men ååhh, hjärtklappning, tack så himla mycket <3