Friday, 8 February 2013

A little bit of sunshine to make the flowers grow

February is such a cruel month. Somehow you start believing that spring isn't that far away and you allow youself to dream about putting your heavy winter coat and boots away, about sitting outside with a coffee and stealing a few minutes of sunshine, and about having to dig out your sunglasses. You start to fool yourself that it's entirely possible for it to happen any time soon and you might even start looking around for a less wintery wardrobe. And then BAM, the snow comes right back with a vengeance and you spend another few weeks freezing you butt off.
I'm not OK with this.

Maybe this is why people have become more and more keen on Valentines day. We do need something to take out minds of the grey slush, our numb fingers and our colds which just never seem to go away. Personally I can't remember ever celebrating Valentines. Might be odd, seeing as I have been the eternal serial monogamist, but I cringe at the sight of teddy bears holding fuzzy love hearts, over-priced red roses and the though of going out for dinner to a restaurant decorated with pink helium balloons. Not. Keen. But if you fancy it, please do go ahead, I'm not som kind of bitter anti-valentines protester. I'm all for love and loveliness. I just prefer my love and lovelieness under less structured circumstances.

I'm also all for more sunshine. Perhaps I can just hibernate until April (which, fair enough, has been referred to as the cruelest month) and awake to kinder temperatures, a less jaded mood and with no dark circles under my eyes. 2 months worth of sleep should see to that, right?

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