Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Advice me, advice me real good.

When you're in the middle of reshaping your life people tend to want to give you a lot of advice.
I welcome it, I enjoy it. But I am terrible and following it (GIVING advice, on the other hand, I'm GREAT at that).

But I was given one piece of advice a few weeks ago.
Well, not even advice, this person just stated a fact.
That fact being, that if you keep doing what you always have done, the result will always be the same.
So if you're unhappy with the result, change the way you go about things. Simple as that.

So here goes nothing.


  1. Himla bra grej att få höra, ska lägga det på minnet! :)

    1. Det är så himla enkelt egentligen, som alla bra råd. Förstår inte varför det ska vara så svårt att följa.