Monday, 18 February 2013

A yearning from deep within

I long for spring. I long for summer.
I yearn for the smell of the sea and the feeling of sunshine on my face. The snow outside has barely started to melt and still I can't wait to put away my winter boots, banish my winter coat to the deepest darkest corner of my wardrobe and to be able to leave my house in a matter of seconds, without the angsty procedure of extra knitted socks, boots, jacket, scarf, mittens, hat...

I want to be able to walk the streets of sun drenched cities wearing a summer dress and a thin cardigan. I miss the smell of sun lotion and even the look of bare ground. Just normal gravel, asphalt, roads not covered in snow and ice.
I miss the smell of summer nights when you ride your bike through deserted streets. I miss sitting by the fire in the garden until it gets dark and the bats come swooping over the lawn. I miss skinny dipping and heading to the shop for nothing else but ice cream.

I think that I'm starved of summers after my many years in Scotland. Being a Swedish west coast-girl my summers were always dominated by salt water, sand and sunshine. Spending the summer months is Edinburgh they became synonymous with a light drizzle, the occasional day in the park, sweating in beer gardens. And still, I loved it. But I need my salt water, need the smell of it on my skin.
And above all I long for the hope that spring gives. The resurrection.

And I'm sick of having cold toes. Sick to death.


  1. ååh vilken fin bild på dig! längtar också efter sommar, behöver värme och känslan av sol och saltvatten på min hud. puss

    1. Tack! :) Ja, längtar sönder mig. Snartsnartsnart.