Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Things I like Tuesday

  • Shoshanna from HBO's "Girls". She's my spirit animal.
  • My 10am and 3pm coffee. I'm a creature of habit, really. First thing in the morning I want black tea with milk and honey, and then once I'm dressed/made up/out in the real world I need my coffee. And those cups of strong, dark goodness can make me weep with joy.
  • This trench coat. Although I would also settle for the Asos-version. Or you know, any coat which doesn't make me look like a hobo the way my current worn and torn parka does.
  • Jennifer Lawrence. I actually love her even more after her fall at the Oscars. Not only did she manage to look like a weeping Disney princess but she also gives me hope that in spite of being in a constant battle with gravity, stairs, chairs and walls, us clumsy people can still go on to WIN EVERYTHING. Fair enough, my chances of winning an Oscar are slim to none, but still... Let me nurse the little bit of hope I have. OH, and this point brings me on to the next like, which is...
  • HUGH JACKMAN. Who, when Jennifer Lawrence fell, was the first one out of his seat to help her up. He's a GENT, folks. A sexy, singing, GENT.

  •  PENGUIN BABY! PENGUIN BABY! No other words needed. 
  • All the parents who dress their kids up like this. Praised be you. And the rest of you, come ON, look at the adorableness of this outfit!

  • Happy T-rexes
  • Spring. Almost, almost, almost.
  • This tent. Preferably on a rainy summers night, combined with cool wine, good music and all the friends I could squeeze into this ball of happiness. 

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