Friday, 1 March 2013

Top five feelings today

  1. The sun on my face.
  2. That first sip of coffee in the morning, how it tingles in the back of my head and I feel myself waking up. Like a hug for my brain.
  3. When my painkillers kick in and make my insane period pains go away (screw you, mother nature, I have medication).
  4. Feeling gravely ground beneath my feet instead of ice and snow.
  5. Not having hair in my eyes like in the above picture. Still loving the fringe. Hurrah!
I feel strangely... Positive. It's MARCH, people. That means spring. And yesterday was such an insanely good day in so many ways that I'm still nursing a bit of a glow from it all. I mean, any day which involves promising meetings, good coffee, the birth of TWINS and the news of a close friends engagement to an amazingly lovely person...Well, it can only make you happy, no? 
The two worst months of the year are over. This is when it really starts. This is when we come out of hibernation and blink at the strange glowing object in the sky. Stretch, smile and go on to spending far too much time freezing out asses of in thin spring-jackets because we feel like it's almost SUMMER. Bring it on.

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