Friday, 22 March 2013

10 to 1 Q&A

Happy Friday! Let's procrastinate for a few minutes with this list that I stole from here.

10 Things I like
1. Buying new perfume.
2. Crawling in to a bed made with fresh sheets.
3. Different shapes of pasta.
4. Big, over the top, musical numbers.
5. When you and your friends just can't stop laughing in spite of your belly hurting and all your makeup being halfway down your face mixed with your tears.
6. That point in a new relationship when you realise that FUCK, I really, really love this person and you find out he/she feels the exact same way.
7. Walking to a club/pub/restaurant with wine in my belly and my best friends by my side.
8. Sitting outside with a glass of sparkling wine and feeling the sun on my back.
9. First kisses.
10. Kittens falling over.

9 Things I don't like

1. That my best friends in the whole universe live in a different country and not up the road.
2. That it's still freezing outside.
3. That, because of afore mentioned freezing temperatures, I still haven't gotten to use my new trenchcoat.
4. Crabs.
5. Waking up from a nightmare about crabs.
6. Youbtube-comments.
7. Saying goodbye.
8. Awkward silences.
9. My outfit today. I'm not sure what I was thinking when I got dressed but now I feel uncomfortable and too hot.

8 Blogs I read
NiotillFem, Nina, Elsa Billgren, The Bloggess, The Sadbox, Fifty Scents, Animals talking in all caps and What should we call me.

7 Things I want to do in the future
1. Go back to Berlin and stay for at least a month.
2. Earn enough money to build up some kind of savings account so that I'm not stranded in an other case of major life-screw up.
3. A masters degree.
4. Go to Tokyo.
5. Own a Elie Saab dress.
6. Own my own flat/house with my own balcony.
7. Be really fucking happy.

6 Things I'm scared of
1. Never getting the job I want.
2. Winding up a little old lonely lady.
3. Skin cancer.
4. Being too far away to help my friends or family.
5. Moths.
6. Losing my hair.

5 Places where I like to be
1. The meadows in Edinburgh on a sunny day, when half the town all have the same idea and you keep running in to people you know.
2. My parents kitchen around Christmas.
3. Walking along the Seine in Paris in September.
4. In my friends livingrooms, dancing to 90s hits.
5. In beer gardens with a big group of people during the first days of spring.

4 Words to describe me
1. Smiley
2. Strong.
3. Soft (because I truly believe you can be both strong and soft. Being strong does not mean you have to be a cold).
4. Chatty.

3 Things I look forward to
1. The smell of sunlotion on my skin.
2. July, when my gang comes over for LADS DOES SWEDISH SUMMER: THE SEQUAL.
3. Love.

2 Good films
Today I'm going for upbeat, happy stuff (cause it's FRIDAY) so how bout The Muppets and 10 Things I hate about you.

1 Good Song
Take a walk by Passion Pit.

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