Monday, 4 March 2013

Please, please, please (I want it all)

Patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue.... And if I keep repeating it over and over maybe it will finally sink in and I will find it easier not to just demand everthing I want right this very moment.

Looking at the 7 heavenly virtues Vs. the 7 deadly sins I must say sinning just seems to come a lot more natural to must people (me included).

Let's have a look, why don't we? Starting off with the virtues.

1. Chastity. To abstain from sexual conduct and refraining from intoixicants. To be honest, that sounds dull as dishwater.

2. Temperance. Fair enough, I get this one. I find it important, even. But like many of the virtues it's just damn difficult, I mean, finding a just balance between the needs of others and your own needs? Isn't that what causes the modern human's massive amounts of angst, all the time? 

3. Charity. Well, this is a no-brainer. I even portrayed charity in a photoshoot a few years back (why charity? I don't know, maybe I looked like someone wh donates money to the red cross). No need to argue with this, giving is good. Although at the moment I'm so skint the only thing I can donate is my blood.

4. Diligence. To work hard, and with integrity. Yes, once again, I get this. Do it well or not at all, I'm all for working hard. Except for Sundays when I truly believe time is best spent under a blanket or in a pub.

5. Patience. Yes, I would say we have covered this one already. And, no, I still can't say it's one of my virtues. Maybe bacause I have a constant loop of "I want it all" by Queen in my head.

6. Kindness. Now this one I would say I can rock though. I truly believe in the power of being kind. And although I'm trying to train myself to be a little bit thougher, a little bit less reasonable, I still believe in killing problems with kindness. Nothing like a smile and some polite words to disarm unreasonable people. Unless, of course, we have a disagreement regarding how awesome Queen are, because then my kindness is very limited. I love Queen.

7. Humility. Aaaah. The one trait everyone seems to struggle with. And it's a tricky one as well. You don't want to over-do it and become some kind of wet blanket. I do think that you should be proud of yourself, and of what you're done. But you don't want to be blinded by your own awesomeness, and you do need to give credit when it's due. I thought I was FINE with this, but at times I do wonder. Keeping it in mind, either way.

And now, for the other end of the spectrum (dahdahDUUUUUUM). The 7 deadly sins:

1. Lust. Yeeeeah, don't really feel that lust should be considered sinful, unless you have no self-control what so ever. Lust is good, lust is fun, and lust can push you to try new things (hey, talking about lust for adventure, power and fame here, it's not all sexual. Get your minds out of the gutter!)

2. Gluttony. We've all been there. You've cooked too much pasta and instead of saving it for next day's lunch box you decide to go all out and OD on carbs and cheese. I suppose some people can resist gicing in to a bit of gluttony, but to be perfectly honest, I quite like digging my way through a whole carton of Ben & Jerry's every now and then. As long as I can combat the following guilt with some form of exercise.

3. Greed. I'm not gonna argue with this one. Greed is probably the root of most of the problems in this world and unlike lust and (a tiny bit of) gluttony it can't be used for fun. Thumbs down for greed!

4. Sloth. As in extreme laziness, not the adorable animal. Not gonna argue with this one either, I'm just gonna look at pictures of baby sloths instead. 
I mean, check these cute guys out! Picture from here.
 5. Wrath. So anger and rage might not be the most positive of emotions. I still like to make the case for productive rage, for  getting really pissed off about stuff and then doing something constructive about it. Constructive does NOT include punching a wall/person, vandalising property, trolling on the internet or spitting in someones food (even though the last option is tempting at times).

6. Envy. Oh, we've all been there. I know I have. You WANT to be happy for your friend who's landed the awesome job/perfect boyfriend or bought that lovely flat. But instead you just feel yourself being taken over by the green eyed monster and then you wallow in self-pity. Nothing good comes from envy, unless you're good at turning negatives into positives and use it as a driving force to get what you want. But even then I would say it's a negative. Let's all agree to work on this one, yeah?

7. Pride. In the naaaaaaaaaaaaaaame of LOVE! (No? Ok. No U2. Promise.) Pride is according to Wikepedia the one sin which histoically is considered the most sinful. I do face this with a healthy dose of scepticism. When an old book tells you that PRIDE is punishable with eternal suffering, but doesn't mention killing, enslaving or raping anywhere on that list of sins, well, then I think you are allowed to start questioning your source of information and guidance. I'm all about pride. Pride is positive. Being a stuck up, snarky, inflated jerk on the other hand, isn't.

So. As an atheist who puts most of her moral priciples down to a good upbringing, good friends and Yoda from Star Wars I can honestly say that the lessons learnt from my venture in to virtues and sins are:
  1. Try to use some self-control
  2. Never trust everything a book tells you
  3. And try not to be a dick.
It's not that difficult really. And as for my lack of pateience I find taking a deep breath and counting to ten often helps.

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