Thursday, 25 April 2013

You know the code

Not gonna lie, I've had a bit of a crap week. No specific reason (general happy fun PMS/rejection letters related times). Watching a documentary on the beauty pageants in Columbia does NOTHING for my mood.

So fuck it. What DOES make me happy? Like, right now? Well.

  • The whats app-group conversation with my beloved friend-family, which has been going on daily since  I left Scotland.
  • That I get to SEE andf HUG above mentioned friends in like 3 months time!
  • That after THAT visit it's only about 2 months (of summer) until they come over for THE RETURN OF THE LADS: summer edition. Also known as a few days holiday in Sweden.
  • It's almost the weekend and I've found the perfect gin cocktail. which I will be sipping on come tomorrow night.
  • I'm so goddamn good at my internship that they never ever want me to leave.
  • It's warm enough to ride my bike.
  • Saturday will include an art show, a bbq, sparkling wine and general unexpected good times.

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