Tuesday, 9 April 2013

"You have to be willing to get happy about nothing"

I worry a lot. Worry about not being good enough, worry about money, worry about the future. I worry about the state of my heart, the state of my mind, the state of my teeth.
Worry about my student loans, about my eye sight, about my skin, about my weight about my health.

Worry about my friends, worry about my family, worry about the state of the world. I worry about winding up alone, I worry about being with the wrong person. I worry about the enviroment, about politics, about walking home alone when it's dark outside.

It's exhausting.

So in order to cancel out all that worry I also enjoy the little things.
I enjoy the fact that the sun has been shining for weeks. I enjoy my morning coffee and listening to the morning radio while walking into work. I enjoy writing lists and ticking things off, one by one. I enjoy feeling like I'm actually really good and what I do and I enjoy feeling like maybe, just maybe, the jigzaw pieces are falling into place.

You have to enjoy the little things. You have to laugh. Because even if the world might feel truly fucked at times there's still so many things to smile about. Like videos of kittens falling over, drinking coffee on the steps in the sunshine, songs which makes your heart beat faster and people who care and try to make a difference.

If we don't try to focus on the good stuff we'll all go mad. And not the good kind of mad, just plain sad, down in the dumps-mad. And we don't want that, do we?

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